Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts

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 If you want to make six figures as a freelance copywriter, you MUST train to become a professional-grade ONLINE copywriter.


Why? Because that’s where the money is.


My name is Nick Usborne and I am the author of this course. From the day I wrote the first page, my intention has been to write a course that delivers the professional-grade skills you will need to maximize your income as a freelance online copywriter.


Also, I wrote the course for ANYONE who wants to become an online copywriter. It doesn’t matter whether you already have experience copywriting for traditional, offline media – or whether you are just starting out.

Either way, this course is for you.

And yes, if you want a bright future as a freelance copywriter, you have to become an ONLINE copywriter. That’s where the money is going. That is where the opportunity lies.


While I am an award-winning copywriter, I’m not very good at blowing my own trumpet or promoting my own materials. (This isn’t as strange as it may sound. Even large advertising agencies will often get outside writers to work on the agency’s own promotional materials.)

For this reason, I’ll now hand over to Rebecca Matter, Vice President and Director of Web Marketing at American Writers & Artists Inc., the publishers of this course.


She does a great job of describing the scope of this opportunity, and the contents of the course itself.


Best wishes!

Online Copywriting is the Wave of the Future

You’ve probably heard the term “Copy is king.” And that’s as true on the Web as it’s been for traditional direct-mail marketing.

And think about it. The Internet is booming. Every day, more and more companies go online to reach a larger market.

An Endless Stream of Assignments!

Companies love testing copy on the Web. It’s cheap. Plus, they can read the results almost instantly.


That’s why they test lots of different copy approaches as often as they possibly can.

And get this …


As a Web copywriter, this means you have the potential for getting one assignment after another … all from the same client! Land just two or three clients, and you could be booked solid for months at a time …


But with hundreds of millions of websites already out there, it’s tough for an online business to set itself apart. These days, even a local mom ‘n’ pop business can whip up a professional-looking website.


The only way for them to get a competitive edge is with their copy.


Just think: With words alone, an online business has to attract website visitors through pay-per-click ads, email campaigns, articles, banner ads, and landing pages.


In the past, webmasters and other “techies” wrote most of this content. But marketers now recognize that it really has to be done by people who specialize in writing words that sell online. That’s why Web copywriters are in such high demand.


Meanwhile, marketers are rolling more and more money into their online advertising every year.

In fact, respected research firm eMarketer reports that spending for online advertising is projected to increase to $28.5 billion in the next year alone and, “in 2009, 10% of all U.S. ad dollars will go online.”

But this trend isn’t happening only here in the U.S. Businesses around the globe are pouring more money than ever into online advertising.

According to ZenithOptiMedia, “Global online ad spending will overtake total radio ad spending … and surpass magazines in ad dollars by 2010.”

What does this mean to you?

Your opportunity to make six figures as a copywriter … to write your own paychecks … and to live life on your terms … are greater than they’ve ever been before …

Because whether it’s for a landing page, e-newsletter, email campaign, blog, sales page, or home page, somebody has to write the content these companies are paying BIG money for.